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Our favourite cafe spots to work from

Our favourite cafe spots to work from

Ever since COVID reared its unwelcome head, working from home has become the norm for many of us.  Though offices were given the go-ahead to reopen last year, many chose to allow their workforce to continue the WFH life or instead gave their employees flexibility.  For many, this meant they could continue to “WFP” (work from pool) or “WFWTW (work from wherever they want).  The freedom of working from home is of course a bonus but maintaining a fixed work routine and getting yourself in work mode can prove taxing. Miss Dubai shares our favourite “WFH” spaces to get in the zone in an ambient setting.

  • HEAT, Jumeirah

Delicious food and close enough to the beach for a lunchtime dip in the sea or stroll along the sand  (in the non-summer months, of course), need we say more? HEAT (standing for Healthy Eats And Treats) is a healthy eating restaurant and a popular spot for solo diners.  The restaurant has enough “ambient noise’ that you’re not working in complete silence but not so noisy that you can’t hear yourself think. 

  • COSTA, Beach Road, Jumeirah

Okay so it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to include one of the UAE’s largest coffee chains but not all coffee shops are created equally.  And the Costa at Al Wasl is something special.  Set over two levels in that villa style we’ve become accustomed to with Jumeirah businesses, the downstairs is more for the casual customer popping in for a coffee, the upstairs however is where you will want to park yourself.  Little nooks and crannys provide the perfefct WFH environment while the rooftop terrace is a lovely spot to sun yourself while working in the cooler winter months.

  • Boston Lane, Al Quoz

In fairness, most of the businesses here would work well for a remote working sitch but the Boston Lane aesthetic is our personal favourite. With a good combination of high tables to perch at or 2 seater tables and some tasty delights on the menu, it’s a great place to set up shop for the day without feeling like you’re taking someone’s space.

  • Tom & Serg, Al Quoz

Al Quoz is full to the brim with great cafe spots and Tom & Serg may well be at the top of this list. Choose from the high ceiling and industrial downstairs or the cosy and kooky upstairs to hammer out those e-mails or to get in to a creative “space”.

  • Jones the Grocer, Emirates Golf Club

A change of scene and some atmosphere is sometimes all you need to get in to the zone and Jones the Grocer at Emirates Golf Club offers just that. While it can get rather “ambient” being within a golf club, it’s a great spot to plot yourself while enjoying a thoroughly delicious food and drink offering. We suggest going on a Thursday and “accidentally” staying for cheese and wine night!