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MISS DUBAI Ambassadors


Nominate your girlfriend

Do you have a girlfriend that deserves some VIP treatment? Even better, do you both want some complimentary tickets to all the best venues in Dubai for a whole month? OH GO ON THEN.. let's add anther two girlfriends to the equation as well.

MISS DUBAI is looking for ambassadors and we need your help.

What is a MISS DUBAI ambassador?

We will pick you and three friends to represent MISS DUBAI for the month. We will send you a calendar with event times and locations e.g STK Sinner’s Dinner, Sunday ¬†at 8pm and you can let us know what you can and can’t attend that month.

Whether it’s a comp meal on the best table in the venue, entry to a Ladies Day or up the Burj Khalifa for Secret Ladies night – all we ask in return is for you to post about the day or evening on social media and help spread the MISS DUBAI word.