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Meat free in Dubai – is it possible?

Meat free in Dubai – is it possible?

Our top 5 pics of non-vegan restaurants offering great plant based options.

In a place where meat is in plentiful supply on most menus, those that choose the plant life are often an after-thought when a menu is designed. At times, when joining meat-eating friends for dinner, those that choose a plant based diet draw the short straw. After all, a vegan restaurant won’t serve a steak, but it can be assumed a steak restaurant will at a minimum have a veggie option. However, more and more we are seeing an uptick in restaurants that not only have a plant based option but a whole plant based menu. Check out our picks of the best plant based menu options below:-

  1. The Maine – multiple locations across Dubai
    Not what you’d expect from a venue whose heavy focus is on meat and seafood, however The Maine have really thought about their plant based customers and have created a pretty special menu as a result. From cauliflower steak to no meat short rib, you’d be hard passed to not find at least something that takes your fancy! And then there’s the sides. In short, being plant based at Maine is good!
  2. Bounty Beets at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi
    If you aren’t going here for the general aesthetic (it’s an Instagrammers dream), the food will be the next thing you do go there for! With a whole plant based section on their menu ranging from a vegan burger to vegan chilli, you’ll have your meat eating friends salivating with envy as they see what Bounty had in store for you.
  3. Nobu
    You may be surprised to learn that, as a veggie, Nobu is actually relatively plant based friendly. Though they don’t have a dedicated, “vegetarian-friendly”
    section of their menu, you will not feel short changed after navigating what they do offer. From miso aubergine to robata grilled veggies, you’ll be sure to
    discover that actually Japanese cuisine isn’t just raw fish and edamame.
  4. Freedom Pizza
    Many places specialise in vegan pizzas but none quite as delicious as Freedom pizza, not only do they offer a Beyond meat pizza but their other vegan options are just as good too. Go for the bbq base with mushrooms and caramelised onions and vegan cheese, trust us.
  5. Ce La Vi
    An obvious for many looking for a foodie experience however don’t cast this aside as a meat and seafood lovers dream only, the vegan options are just asspecial. From seawood parker rolls to roasted cauliflower and tagliatelle mushroom fricassee, you won’t go hungry here.