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Our favourite fake tans

Our favourite fake tans

Many of us, by this point, have been tanning since our late teens – the trial and error of the fake tan is a weary tale repeated over and over with every new crop of teens looking for a sun kissed glow.  Assuming technique as a given, budget, is often one of the contributing factors of the tan-success rate ratio.  We’ve done the leg work for you, we’ve had the fails, the disaster, the weird streaks.  And here is our pick of the best in the biz!

  • Bondi Sands Mousse – Dark or Ultra Dark

One of the better smelling fake tans on the market, Bondi Sands special formula has a coconut scent and not a biscuit smell in sight.  The mousse goes on very smoothly and gives you the effect of being tanned almost immediately.  To build up to a good tan you do need a few layers so it’s best done the night before.  Controversially, we also like to mix it with moisturizer which makes it glide on with ease – team no streaks!

  • Coco & Eve

It may have popped up on your Instagram a few times as a promoted post and that’s certainly how we came to learn about this literal godsend.  As you might have guessed this deliciously tropical scented new tanning option has a coconut base. It also claims to be anti-ageing and anti-cellulite, which is a cause we at Miss Dubai wholly support. Additional to this, it’s got a development time of only 2 hours so it’s perfect for those last minute plans.

  • St Tropez

St Tropez has long been a main stay in the tanning world, and as GHD was to straight hair, St Tropez was for fake tan. From the original tanning lotion to the translucent spray, St Tropez has been there for us. With their new water based gel formula, long gone are the infamous fake tan sheets and no more will you look like you’ve had an unfortunate accident overnight. The clear, water based gel allows you to get an all over coverage while the hyaluronic acid formula hydrates and plumps the skin, so your skin is glowing from the inside out. What’s not to love?

  • Isle of Paradise

Don’t be dissuaded by the fact it looks like water in a spritz bottle, this coconutty delight packs a real tanning punch. Our favourite is the clear Self-Tanning Mousse. Available in three shades of tan and containing colour correctors to counteract redness, it leaves skin with that golden glow you came for. Your skin is not only left glowing but is moisturised  throughout as the formula is packed with avocado, chia seed and coconut oil. We prefer a mousse over a lotion or spray due to the fact you can mix it with the moisturiser if you want something a little lighter and it tends to glide on easier with a mitt.

  • Filter by Molly-Mae

This is fabulous for the sensitive skin types, especially on your face! If you, like us, struggle with those pesky breakouts you can rest easy, as we think we have found the one that gives us that Summer glow without sacrificing our skin! Created by Molly-Mae Hague, a lightweight tanning mousse with a luxurious feel flawless finish. With moisturising ingredients such as soothing aloe, white and green tea antioxidant, it will leave your skin looking naturally hydrated with a healthy, illuminating glow, and a fresh uplifting scent. The only bit of caution is we found that the shades are darker than we are used to but totally worth it!